summary 2023-01-03

summary 2023-01-03

Today overall went well! I followed my schedule to what was helpful and I was
quite productive. Everything until the end of German 101 went as planned.
While in class, I learned that I likely need to be in a higher level German
course. So, I ended up working on planning for the placement exam as well as
reviewing some of my German, instead of working on my personal project (all
while at the Allen Library)

For the rest of the day, I'm going to grab some dinner, work on a few more flash
cards, and create tomorrow's schedule.

What went well:
- Following my schedule
- Being productive
- Preparing for German class
- Getting 3 meals
- Getting enough exercise
- Working on I2 intro course

What could go better (or didn't go to plan):
- Working on my project (I'm okay with this, I don't want to start things when
there are more important matters first.)
- Getting enough water - I forgot my water bottle
- CSE 331 - registering. I decided that it was best to wait until tomorrow,
when I actually have the class.

I'm happy with how this went! Onto the next day!