summary 2023-01-04

summary 2023-01-04

Today was challenging, however I got a lot of work done. There were some things
which I wish I did better, but I did 8 hours of work today. I'm pretty proud of
myself in this case.

The day started with the night before - I intended to go to sleep at 11:45,
however I stayed up until 1:30 reading. This meant that I woke up at 8:30 and
didn't do any Anki in the morning. Additionally, I was then rushed and only
grabbed three Cliff Bars for breakfast (which was okay). Afterwards, I went to
my three classes in a row. All of these were okay (I need to prepare for taking
notes on laptop). Lunch was nice with friends, follwed by an incredibly boring
Math 208 lecture (as is always the case in the first week).

After this, I studied with a friend at the Allen Library for ~3 hours. This was
a good chunk of work, however I felt unproductive. I didn't get as much done as
I would've liked and I still have much to do. The remedy for this is a mixture
of future reflection (e.g. record my screen and note where I get stuck) and
better prioritization, explicitly planning.

With this being said, I still worked a lot today and I feel proud that I did
this much! At this point it is much more important that I can stay consistent
instead of worrying about exactly how much I get done - trust the process.

What went well:
- going to every class
- getting three meals (I'll count the Cliff Bars)
- putting in effort today
- spending time walking around campus
- finalizing German 101 and CSE 331

What could go better:
- sticking to schedule (I was close to missing some stuff)
- I need to drink more water
- I got very little done in terms of actual "homework"
- staying on task/prioritizing what is important!

Onto the next day!