summary 2023-01-05

summary 2023-01-05

This summary is somewhat late, as I'm writing it on the 6th.

Thursday is my "hell day", as I have 4.5 hours of class. I started off at a decent
time, studying with a friend before class. Afterwards I went to German, which was
fine as always. Lunch was unremarkable. I then went to my first quiz section for
CSE 331 where I learned very little. Next, I went to my CSE 311 quiz section where
I encountered the same unfortunate fate. Afterwards was the STARS Career Success
workshop where we had an interesting, if not long, conversation.

After my classes I went to the Allen Library for 90 minutes where I spent about 60
minutes setting up LaTeX and Vimtex and 30 minutes on German homework. This
unfortunately meant that I still had my CSE 331 HW to do, which was due the next
morning at 10:00 AM.

Because of this, I worked on the assignment (and practiced LaTeX) until about 11:30,
after the time I was hoping to go to sleep by. This ended up with me going to sleep
around 12:30.

Overall this day was not good, but also not terrible. I kept up with most of my
requirements and I still put in the effort necessary (while trying not to sabotage
myself later). As long as I can get through days like these without anything too
bad happening, I'm satisfied.

What went well:
- I got most of what I needed to do done
- I kept myself fed and hydrated
- I made sure to still walk around campus

What could've gone better:
- Prioritizing important work (e.g. I cannot go to sleep until CSE 331 HW is done)
- Planning ahead
- Following a good sleeping schedule

Looking forward to the next day!