summary 2023-01-06

summary 2023-01-06

We're done with the week! Congrats!

Today has been good! I missed breakfast and instead had three Cliff Bars for
breakfast, not perfect but good enough. I then went to my three morning classes,
CSE 311, CSE 331, and German 101. They were all uneventful. Afterwards, I had lunch
at the HUB and then went to my Math 208 lecture. It was pretty rough, I barely
learned anything and instead worked on notes simply from the textbook. After
lecture, I went to the library with some friends and studied for a while, finishing
my German and Anki, as well as practice typing. Afterwards I went to the I2 meeting
which went over the intro course. It also went well! Overall, today has been 10/10!

What went well:
- I got everything that I wanted to do done
- I put in a lot of effort today
- I learned the basics of LaTeX

What could have gone better:
- Getting up earlier in the morning
- Having a little more "demonstrable" work

I'm looking forward to this weekend!